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Donation-conscious buyers

The brief essence of LAHA

The Love all Help all (LAHA) network is a "new-media" startup where sellers give, buyers shop, and foundations receive substantial donations. The LAHA companies decide how much they donate, the LAHA customers determine who gets the the donation, and everyone can keep track of all donations to the non-profits.

LAHA successfully connects the companies to the non-governmental sector by enabling a practical manifestation of social responsibility. Instead of individual fundraising campaigns LAHA provides an opportunity of permanent sources to the foundations while the companies reach their ideal target market penetration.

Involve your customers in philanthropy

After you have offered a few percent of the price of your products and services, customers can choose to whom they want to donate it. This amount can be accounted as donation. Each country's tax laws gives the option to deduct donations from the tax base to various extent. In addition, the amount is perceived as a marketing expense, which only occurs when the purchase has been completed. Customers prefer to buy from you if they themselves can help with this, so you get an advantage over the competition. Create a positive and lasting relationship between the seller and buyer, while non-profits receive a significant source of income from you.

Example: You have a technical store, which you register with LAHA. You offer 3% of the price of the products so your customers can donate. Load your products so they appear in the database. The loading is automatic, no need to re-upload everything, we provide technical assistance. The customer, who found your product, for example a washing machine, through LAHA, will be redirected to your site where he or she buys it. In order to donate from this purchase at the time of registration you need to create a link between LAHA and your online store. You must select a banner (size and data transfer options), which must be integrated into the page at the end of the shopping. Do not be alarmed, it is easier than you think! So, when the customer has completed the transaction, the banner will appear, which leads the customer back to us back and also generates a unique identifier. The customer has one thing to do, to choose a non-profit organization and launch the support. When you register, you must specify how often you want to transfer the accumulated amounts to the foundations. So if the 'Sick Children Foundation' is chosen more than once during a cycle, you can send them the donations in a lump sum at the end of the period. The non-profits and the customers will be informed as well about the transfer.

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LAHA is already in stores

If you don't have an online store (or have, but you have a business or convenience store as well) or you are a service provider who does not have a store, you have the option to print a donation code (or email it) to your customers after the purchase. Thus, a donation can be created through traditional shopping. The buyer receives this code, which only needs to be typed in their LAHA account. The rest of the donation works as described in the example above. If you issue the code to a customer who already has a LAHA profile name, you can assign the donation code to the name when creating it, so that the customer does not need to enter the details, and when he or she signs in next time the information will be there and only a foundation has to be selected.

Be AngelHand

angelhand-goldWe have developed a system in which the LAHA companies can get an AngelHand degree based on the amount of their donation:

  • basic
  • bronze
  • silver
  • gold
  • diamond
  • multiple diamond
The stage by stage "development" shows to what extent the AngelHand company could work together with the donation-conscious customers. The company can receive social recognition, it can be used for advertising, displaying it on your products.

All this for free

LAHA does not ask for money or commission from the companies, it merely provides a platform for the Global Giving. For the companies it costs only the offered percentage, however if you reassess this and realize it as commercial value and good deeds you have already done something that moves the world ina better direction.


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