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Donation-conscious buyers

Donation-conscious buyers

The brief essence of LAHA 

The Love all Help all (LAHA) network is a "new-media" startup where sellers give, buyers shop, and foundations receive substantial donations. The LAHA companies decide how much they donate, the LAHA customers determine who gets the the donation, and everyone can keep track of all donations to the non-profits.

LAHA successfully connects the companies to the non-governmental sector by enabling a practical manifestation of social responsibility. Instead of individual fundraising campaigns LAHA  provides an opportunity of permanent sources to the foundations while the companies reach their ideal target market penetration.

LAHA in practice

LAHA is practically a search engine, where the donation is included in the price of the product. If you buy from a company which can be found on LAHA, then you have the opportunity to donate an offered percentage of the price of the products / services to a non-profit organization. So YOU tell the company to whom to donate together, and the COMPANY will transfer the donation which is included in the price of the product. So everybody wins!

Example: If you want to buy a washing machine, do a search in LAHA viewfinder. This way you can compare the prices and see which company has offered what percentage. Once you have selected the right one, buy it on the company's website. (The online shopping, as usual, happens on the company's own site LAHA at this stage is just a viewfinder.) After the purchase the LAHA banner will appear, you have to click on it as this brings the purchase data to us (individual ID, amount of purchase, company name, etc), whilst you must choose a non-profit of your choice to whom you want to donate. It can be a kindergarten in your neighborhood. Then the donation will be created. Every company has a deadline to transfer the donation, until then it collects them from customers. At the end of the collection cycle it will send the collected amounts to the kindergarten. A notice will be sent to you about the transfer. The case will be closed when the non-profit received the payment and confirms the receipt, you will be notified about this as well.

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LAHA is already in stores

You can purchase not only from online stores, but also in physical shops. At the end of your purchase you receive a printed code from the cashier that you'll need to input in the system. If you're LAHA member already, you can simplify the process, because if you give the store your username then the purchase can be assigned to your profile, so you do not have to enter this ID either, just choose a foundation the usual way.

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To whom you can donate?

To any non-profits who can receive funds. These can be aiding organization (eg. sick children, homeless shelters, etc.), but you can choose a school, a kindergarten, band, sports clubs, religious groups, etc.

More and more countries are joining LAHA so you can support not only Hungarian but also worldwide organizations.

If you would like to donate to an organization who is not yet a member of LAHA, notify them to sign up because you want to send a donation to them. As a registered user you can do this easily by using a form, which you will find in your own account in the extras / invitations menu.

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LAHA introduction to customers:

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