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Here's how LAHA works, there are 3 players:

We don't want you to pay anything

All we ask from you is to join LAHA!
We are a very ambitious team, so we need you. We believe LAHA will solve the fundraising issues of all the nonprofit organisations, at the same time we will make regular donations a trendy shopping habit. There are no hidden fees, commissions, or anything to undermine transparency. You do your shopping, and your favourite causes raise funds.

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Donation-conscious community

By joining LAHA you will be a member of a unique donation-conscious community. You will have the chance to get involved in life-enhancing opportunities, initiatives by amazing member organisations and socially responsible vendors, and the development of this vibrant community.

All this on an international level. 

Take a look, it's a few minutes.

How does LAHA work?

The passion behind LAHA

Featured in the video:
Eva, our donation-conscious buyer
Eric, the entrepreneur selling products on the Internet
Christa, employee of the aid organisation Smile

The video tracks the path of the donation from Eva to the charity she chooses.

How does LAHA work?

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