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Donation-conscious buyers

The brief essence of LAHA

The Love all Help all (LAHA) network is a "new-media" startup where sellers give, buyers shop, and foundations receive substantial donations. The LAHA companies decide how much they donate, the LAHA customers determine who gets the the donation, and everyone can keep track of all donations to the non-profits.

LAHA successfully connects the companies to the non-governmental sector by enabling a practical manifestation of social responsibility. Instead of individual fundraising campaigns LAHA provides an opportunity of permanent sources to the foundations while the companies reach their ideal target market penetration.

LAHA in practice

LAHA primarily would like to help non-profits to access multiple sources of income. If a customer buys from a company who is a member of LAHA, the customer will have the option to choose a non-profit organization, to whom the merchant transfers the amount of the offered percentage of the price. This donation is included in the price of the product, so customers have no extra expense.

Example: XY technical store offered 3% of their price. John Smith buy a washing machine from them. Having paid the amount to the company, the customer needs to select a non-profit in the LAHA system, like your foundation. You and the merchant will be notified as well when chosen. The company has a cycle and collects the incoming amounts, so in 30-60 days if there are more customers donate you, you will receive the sum at the end of this period in once. Upon the receipt you and the customer also will be notified. Then the only thing you have to do is to acknowledge in the system the receipt and with this the LAHA donation will be closed.

Registered members will receive their own profile page, which can be filled with pictures, news, and information. You could use your profile page as a stand-alone access.

Who can join as a Foundation?

Officially registered organizations can join LAHA:

  • aid organizations (eg. associations supporting sick children and homeless people, animal shelters, etc.)
  • schools, nurseries, music bands, sport clubs
  • religious groups etc.

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Organize in-kind donations

A new feature on LAHA that gift in kind collections can be organized, to ask for donation from LAHA companies and customers. For example, if you need children's clothes, you can create a "Gifts in kind fundraising", then you just have to await offerings and discuss how the donation can get to you.

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