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Tangible donations

Tangible donationsIf there are things at home that you would offer to charity, you can do it here. Many aid organizations are in the system who are following these in-kind donations and welcome them. This can be garments, toys, basic foods, technical articles, etc. It works vice versa: foundations also create gift in kind fundraising to which you can sign up as an individual or as a company.

Create an offer

If you've joined us, you'll find in your office account the "gifts in kind" menu. Here, you'll need to provide details of your offering: title, image, description, and you get to choose from a list of categories. You also have to specify the city and a time interval for how long this offer is valid. The time period is not required if you want to publish it continuously. You can leave the date blank. Then all you have to do is wait for someone to sign up. Each pledge is established in a datasheet, with the candidate organizations at the bottom. If someone applies you'll get a notification as well. The dialogue with the applicants below the offer will not be published; only you can see it. However, it can be made public if you seeking a deliverer. If the candidate can not go to the organization's donation and you can not even deliver them, then tick the "We are looking for a deliverer' box, so you will be able to get a third party to take up the shipment.

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Create fundraising

The creation of fundraising is done the same way as the donation, but only non-profits can create them. If in the meantime you want to communicate something important in addition, you can click on the "Update" button. This update will appear below the description. The parties agree about the shipment. If none of you can do it, the fundraising can be made public (both sides must select this option), and request that a third party takes up the shipment. During fundraising and donation it is possible to raise questions. At the bottom of the data sheet there is a  "Comments" section, where you can ask your questions.

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